Four Brands.

One Life Science + Healthcare Solution

Spire Integrated Solutions serves Vivariums, Research Laboratories, Research Hospitals, Small or Rural Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Morgue and Pathology facilities.

Spire Integrated Solutions was founded in 2018 by merging four well-known equipment companies (PRIMUS, LYNX, SCIENTEK, and CSI Jewett) into a single entity that manufactures stainless steel equipment for Vivariums, Research Laboratories, Hospitals, Morgue and Pathology facilities, and Surgery Centers.

Spire’s equipment is designed to be easily maintained and repaired, without the need for proprietary parts. This feature provides our clients with the reassurance of long-lasting, dependable equipment.

Spire Integrated Solutions’ products are designed, built, and assembled in North America meeting healthcare and life science’s highest standards of clean, reliability and durability.


PRIMUS | Life Science & Healthcare

  • Steam Sterilizers / Autoclaves Life Science
  • Steam Sterilizer / Autoclaves Healthcare
  • Steam Sterilizer Upgrading for Life Science

PRIMUS brand Equipment is Designed and Manufactured in Great Bend, KS

LYNX | Life Sciences

  • Animal & Laboratory Washers / Dryers
  • Vivarium Dispensing and Filling Systems

LYNX brand Equipment is Designed and Manufactured in Wilson, NY

SCIENTEK | Life Science & Healthcare

  • Cleaning Chemistries
  • Laboratory Glassware Washers
  • Healthcare Sterile Dryers
  • Healthcare Washers & Disinfectors
  • Ultrasonic machines
  • Carts
  • Pass-thru Cabinets & Windows
  • Modular Barrier Walls
  • Processing Sinks for Sterile Processing Departments

SCIENTEK brand Equipment is Designed and Manufactured in British Columbia, Canada

CSI Jewett – Life Science & Healthcare

  • Morgue and Autopsy Stainless Steel Equipment
  • Pack and Prep Tables for Sterile Processing Departments
  • Pathology Stainless Steel Workstations and Tables

CSI JEWETT brand Equipment is Designed and Manufactured in Erie, PA and Sanford, FL

Who We Serve

Our Commitment: Solutions Inspired by You

There’s a reason why clients have trusted Spire’s brands for generations. We provide steadfast service, reliable solutions, and equipment that can build strength in your facility.

We bring uncompromising integrity to every aspect of our product and service delivery so you can be confident with every piece of Spire equipment at your side.

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