Part of Chalmers Group, Company Celebrates New Name at AALAS Meeting

OMAHA, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chalmers Group of Companies (Chalmers) is pleased to announce the formation of Spire Integrated Solutions, a world-class equipment manufacturer and services provider for healthcare and life sciences companies. This announcement follows on the heels of the very recent acquisition of Lynx Products Group by Chalmers. Spire, which is launching this week at the AALAS National Meeting, was formerly known as Chalmers Medical Group, and is comprised of PRIMUS Sterilizer Company, Scientek Technology Group, CSI Jewett, and LYNX Product Group.

“Our market needs vendors based in North America to provide solutions from concept to completion,” said Jim Fry, Spire president and CEO. “That’s what Spire delivers — a long-term partnership with flexible service and training programs to ensure seamless installation, maximum uptime, and a lower total cost of ownership for clients.”

Spire — which remains part of Chalmers — delivers fully integrated solutions for research, production, and infection prevention. Through manufacturing based entirely in North America, Spire produces steam sterilizers, washing equipment, refrigeration products, and ancillary stainless-steel equipment featuring non-proprietary parts.

“Integrating these companies into the new Spire also enables us to better integrate our services, so that our customers have a North-American-based technical and support network that is second to none,” said H.S. Takhar, CEO of the Chalmers Group.

For service partners and vendors, Spire is consolidating repositories and enhancing alignment, thereby simplifying part identification and delivery. Through its installation and maintenance services — support for in-house teams or fully outsourced services — Spire configures installation, streamlining workflow and increasing uptime. Additionally, the company’s InSpire Institute features on-site training, live remote support, and an extensive knowledge database.

“We empower our partners with reliable, integrated solutions,” said Fry. “By bringing uncompromising integrity to our partnerships, we want every client to be confident when Spire is at their side.”

Learn more about Spire at Booth 559 at the AALAS National Meeting, or visit

About Chalmers Group of Companies
Chalmers Group is a privately owned corporation with subsidiaries in the U.S. and Canada, offering niche quality products to medical and transportation equipment industries since 1992. Chalmers Group of Companies has strong design and manufacturing capabilities and offers a wide range of diversified products to global markets.

About Spire
Spire Integrated Solutions, a Chalmers Group Company, is a family of brands that produces world-class steam sterilizers, a full range of washing equipment, refrigeration products, and ancillary stainless-steel equipment. Built with non-proprietary parts, Spire solutions simplify maintenance and ensure ease of use for life science and healthcare facilities. Spire’s flexible programs reinforce equipment uptime and longevity while lowering the total cost of ownership. Be confident with Spire equipment at your side.

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