Spire Integrated Solutions, a Chalmers Group Company, is a family of brands that produces world-class steam sterilizers, a full range of washing equipment, refrigeration products, and ancillary stainless-steel equipment. Headquartered in the U.S., Spire has based all its manufacturing and distribution channels in North America.

Featuring non-proprietary parts, Spire solutions simplify maintenance and ensure ease of use for laboratories, hospitals, biopharmaceutical producers, morgues/mortuaries, and other life science and healthcare facilities. Spire also provides flexible service and training programs to reinforce equipment uptime and longevity while lowering the total cost of ownership.

For reliable solutions that can build strength in your facility, be confident with Spire equipment at your side.

Who We Serve

Our Commitment: Solutions Inspired by You

There’s a reason why clients have trusted Spire’s brands for generations. We provide steadfast service, reliable solutions, and equipment that can build strength in your facility.

We bring uncompromising integrity to every aspect of our product and service delivery so you can be confident with every piece of Spire equipment at your side.

Our Brands

Spire’s brand portfolio comprises leading manufacturers in specific areas of healthcare and life sciences. Under the Spire name, these brands provide greater access to a broad range of equipment, parts, service, documentation, and educational content.

PRIMUS Sterilizer Company, part of Spire Integrated Solutions, manufactures high-quality stainless-steel steam sterilizers and provides industry-leading installation, maintenance, and training services.

Since its beginning, PRIMUS has manufactured versatile and robust autoclaves in the United States. All PRIMUS sterilizers are produced at an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)-certified pressure-vessel factory.

Today, the need for functional, steadfast design is more prevalent than ever — that’s why PRIMUS remains a leading steam sterilizer provider for the healthcare, research, pharmaceutical, and laboratory markets.

Welcome to LYNX Product Group. We are proud to offer our Life Sciences and Healthcare customers the design, build, and reputation of premium brand washing equipment. With an industry heritage spanning over 30 years, LYNX equipment makes the task of cleaning and disinfection easier, simpler and more effective. Our products are essential to healthcare and laboratories worldwide.

Scientek Technology Corporation, part of Spire Integrated Solutions, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, purpose-built washing and drying systems.

Through decades of collaboration with healthcare and research facilities, Scientek has developed and refined a versatile lineup of washers, dryers, scrub sinks, cabinetry, and other novel stainless-steel equipment storage solutions. The company also provides custom fabrication and maintenance services.

Scientek continues to grow its product range with a legacy of extraordinary craftsmanship and service. For thoughtfully designed, durable equipment, trust Scientek to build your better solution.

CSI Jewett, part of Spire Integrated Solutions, is a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel equipment for hospitals, laboratories, medical/veterinary schools, morgues, and mortuaries.

For more than 150 years, the company has excelled in metal forming through state-of-the-art manufacturing. CSI Jewett provides integrated equipment systems to enhance workflows, space utilization, and cadaver handling. This extensive equipment line is guided by decades of close collaboration with pathologists and architects alike.

For intelligent engineering that can produce dramatic savings while meeting your needs today and in the future, trust the experts at CSI Jewett.