We are excited to announce that SPIRE’s Sanford, Florida facility has been ASME Certified.

Thanks goes out to:

  • Eric Blazek
  • Subramaniam “Hari” Hariharan
  • Ryan Lowe
  • Felipe Ramos
  • Tyler Ruedlinger
  • Don Willette
  • Gangesh Yadav
  • Patrick Hansen

What work goes into ASME certification?

Receiving ASME Certification involves designing a production system that meets the stringent requirements of ASME to produce pressure vessels.

“It took over a year with one person dedicated full-time to the process of becoming ASME Certified. It’s a time-consuming process, and we’re proud to have passed and certified.”

Patrick Hansen, Vice President of Sterilizer Operations.

What does this mean for SPIRE and our customers?

It means that we can now build pressure vessels in two locations. This will enable us to increase our capacity, decrease lead times significantly, and eliminate our current manufacturing bottleneck.

Initially, the Sanford location will build pressure vessels and boilers for PRIMUS equipment alongside our Great Bend, Kansas facility.

Eventually, the Sanford location will build overflow for all of our brands. In the future, having two ASME Certified locations will, according to Tom Weaver, help Spire/PRIMUS build a stock program for small standard autoclaves for even shorter lead times.

It took a lot of dedication from our Team to make this happen.

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