To ensure the long life of your PRIMUS sterilizer, follow and perform these Generic Preventative Maintenance (PM) procedures, during the recommended intervals. Operating at a higher or lower daily cycle rate may require an adjustment to the (PM) frequencies.

Need more help? Visit our blog post for the gasket installation procedure.

NOTE: These recommendations take precedence over those published in the PRIMUS Operator Manuals.

Clean the gasket grooves
Clean the gasket grooves with detergent and a cloth.
NOTE: Allow time to dry thoroughly before reinstalling the gasket into the groove.
Clean the inside surface of the door where the gasket contact is made.

Reinstall the gasket by locating the seam of the door gasket.

NOTE: Start by placing the seam in the straight section between the center and the corner in the top part of the gasket groove.
Press the gasket into the head ring groove (working from side-to-side, top-to-bottom).
Make sure to equally distribute the excess __ and use your fingers to press the gasket, deeply, into the door gasket groove.

Need more help? Visit our blog post for the gasket installation procedure.
Check the steam pressure relief valve for leaks.
Replace the steam pressure relief valve annually (or when leakage is found).

Check the condition of air filter(s) and O-rings gasket
NOTE: Especially important if the service area is subjected to significant dust and/or debris.

Check electrical
Verify the presence of a secure electrical ground.

Inspect entire PRIMUS sterilizer assembly
Check steam (pressure?)
Check water _
Check for air leaks (where?)

Clean the PRIMUS sterilizer’s mechanical space

Perform a complete calibration of the PRIMUS sterilizer
End-user determines the frequency of calibrations. PRIMUS recommends calibrating the unit annually.
Run test cycles
Verify proper timing Verify cycle progression
LCD indicators working Verify operator’s panel is working
Verify audible alarms are working
Inspect inside PRIMUS sterilizer chamber for scale

If scale is present, use a cleaner and descaler according to container’s directions. While scale accumulation varies, PRIMUS recommends a regular schedule for descaling based on facility usage.

As Needed
Replacing or reseating the door gasket
To remove the gasket, insert a PRIMUS gasket removal tool between the gasket groove and the gasket.
NOTE: A gasket tool is included in the PRIMUS Care Package.
NOTE: The tool can be ordered from PRIMUS using PN 801356.
Gently remove the gasket by prying it forward from the groove.
NOTE: Take care not to nick or gouge the gasket when removing.
When a portion of the gasket is out of the groove, carefully pull the remainder from the groove.
NOTE: Irregular retraction of the gasket, into the gasket groove, may be due to an aging gasket.
Inspect the entire circumference for cuts, nicks, gouges, or irregularities caused by wear.
If there is no wear or damage, rinse the gasket with clean water and dry with lint-free cloth.
If reusing the gasket, reverse the gasket so the sides that faced the head rings, now face the door.
Inspect pipe fittings, valves and connections for leaks or corrosion
Repair or replace if necessary.

Check solenoid valves for internal and external leaks
Make sure solenoid valves are unimpeded and have a smooth, “snappy” operation.
Install a valve repair kit, as needed.

Inspect and tap all check valves
Replace as necessary.

Check steam traps
Check all steam traps for proper operation.
Install a new steam trap or steam trap kit if a steam trap is failing.

Need more help? Visit our blog post for the gasket installation procedure.

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