Get the training you need to keep a PRIMUS sterilizer and PRIMUS equipment going strong. Everything we do at Spire is for the benefit of our partners.

The inSpire Institute is the only resource that your team needs for complete equipment operation, maintenance, and optimization training.

The InSpire Institute takes this client-centric approach further to ensure your staff is well-equipped to maximize uptime and scale-up for any challenge.

Through on-site educational events at Spire Headquarters, to remote support and access to an extensive knowledge database, Spire helps your staff get the most out of our solutions.

Training. Live support. Full documentation. Trust the partner willing to provide more than an instruction manual — be confident with Spire at your side.

Upcoming Educational Events

Healthcare Steam Sterilizer School

Contact Chuck D’Angelone – 877.679.7800 x3010

Life Science Steam Sterilizer School

Contact Dave Schall – 877.679.7800 x1212

7936 Forest City Road. Orlando, Florida 32810