FDA-Approved PRIMUS Healthcare Steam Sterilizers: Efficient and Reliable Sterilization for Hospitals, Clinics and Surgery Centers.

The PRIMUS PSS11-HA, HB, and HC are cutting-edge steam sterilizers designed to meet the stringent demands of healthcare facilities like surgery centers, surgical suites, and central sterile processing departments.

These FDA-approved, PRIMUS Sterilizer models ensure thorough sterilizing of porous and non-porous, heat and moisture-stable materials.

PRIMUS PSS11 Models:

  • PSS11-HA: Compact and efficient, perfect for surgery centers and clinical facilities.
  • PSS11-HB: Increased capacity for medium-sized facilities.
  • PSS11-HC: High-capacity model for larger facilities with demanding sterilization needs.

Ensure the safety and sterility of your critical medical devices with a PRIMUS PSS11 FDA-approved small steam sterilizer.

PSS11 Model HA PRIMUS steam sterilizer approved by the FDA spire integrated solutions

PSS11 HA FDA-Approved Healthcare Steam Sterilizer

Chamber Size (WxHxL) 20 x 20 x 38 | 508 x 508 x 965.2

Chamber Capacity 8.8 ft3 | 249 L

(3) 25 lb. Wrapped Trays

(6) Fabric packs

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PSS11 HB FDA-Approved Healthcare Steam Sterilizer

Chamber Size (WxHxL) 26 x 30 x 29 | 660.4 x 762.0 x 736.6

Chamber Capacity 13.09 ft3 | 371 L

(8) 25 lb. Wrapped Trays

(12) Fabric packs

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PSS11 HC FDA-Approved Healthcare Steam Sterilizer

Chamber Size (WxHxL) 26 x 30 x 41 | 660.4 x 762.0 x 1244.6

Chamber Capacity 18.51 ft3 | 626 L

(9) 25 lb. Wrapped Trays

(17) Fabric packs

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Features of a PSS11 PRIMUS steam sterilizer

  • FDA Approved
  • ST8:2008 clearance
  • Preprogrammed cycles optimized for performance
  • PRI-Saver™ water conservation system available to meet facility water usage demands
  • Color touch screen control panel
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Integral and stand-alone electric steam boilers
  • Recessed or cabinet mounting
  • Water conservation systems
  • Single and double-door configurations
  • Vertical, horizontal, and hinged doors
  • Pri-Mirror™ chamber and door finish

PRIMUS steam Sterilizer made by spire integrated solutions

Why a PRIMUS Healthcare Sterilizer?

  • Optimal sizing: PRIMUS sterilizers are available in various sizes to efficiently process a wide range of instruments and equipment.
  • Enhanced workflows: Built-in sterilization procedures streamline processes and minimize errors.
  • Versatility: A wide range of features accommodates various sterilization requirements.
  • Reliability: PRIMUS autoclaves are known as the “workhorse of sterilizers” making them a popular choice in the healthcare industry.
  • Increased efficiency: Fast processing times and efficient use of chamber space maximize throughput.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Constructed with 316L stainless steel to withstand harsh environments.
  • Environmentally friendly options: HA, HB, and HC models are equipped with PRIMUS’ PRI-Saver water conservation system to reduce water usage.
  • Water mineral build-up solution: If hard water is a problem at your facility, consider the Pri-Pure Reverse Osmosis system.

PRIMUS healthcare autoclaves are used in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and veterinary practices. They are essential for ensuring the sterility of medical instruments and equipment, helping to prevent the spread of infection.


We would love to help you walk through this process. Contact us, at no obligation, to learn more about PRIMUS steam sterilizers for your sterile processing department or surgery center today.

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