To be in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Canadian Medical Device Regulations (CMDR), ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 13485 regulations and requirements, PRIMUS must develop and implement methods to formally obtain end-user customer feedback and measure satisfaction.

Based on the feedback, PRIMUS is obligated to take appropriate action to resolve any issues. Simply collecting feedback is not enough – the information requires action. PRIMUS is fully aware that in today’s electronic world customers are often deluged with survey/feedback requests of all types. Being sensitive to this reality, the survey methods PRIMUS employs are designed to be simple, concise, and to the point.

Results derived from the feedback methods listed below are discussed and action plans reviewed at every PRIMUS Board of Directors meeting.


90-Day End User Customer Follow-up Survey

This survey is sent to all end-user customers to determine the level of satisfaction with the sales process, installation, start-up, in-service training, and the first 90-day preventive maintenance. It is intended to understand early in the life of a PRIMUS steam sterilizer how satisfied end-user customers are with the performance of PRIMUS, the Dealer/Independent Sales Representative (ISR) who sold the unit, and the Authorized Service Agent (ASA) who installed and started-up the sterilizer.

Survey results are sent to the respective Dealer/ISR and ASA for discussion and any required actions to resolve problems identified by the customer.

Customer Service Call Log (CSCL)

All service calls incoming to PRIMUS are electronically recorded in detail on an internal PRIMUS system – the Customer Service Call Log (CSCL). E-mail notifications of all CSCL entries are sent to the PRIMUS Leadership Team on a real-time basis for evaluation and action.

PRIMUS will keep each entry open until a final resolution to the problem/issue/request is completed. Depending on the nature of the issue, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days or weeks.

Periodically, the CSCL is summarized graphically to evaluate any trends that may be developing.

Customer Satisfaction Survey – PRIMUS Website

A Customer Satisfaction Survey is located on the PRIMUS website for end-user customers to provide discretionary positive or negative feedback about PRIMUS or PRIMUS agent performance. The survey can be accessed at the bottom of the Home Page. The survey is designed to take only a minute or two to complete.

Trade Show Feedback

Each year PRIMUS attends three major trade shows – AALAS, AORN, and Interphex. During these multi-day shows, the company solicits feedback from hundreds of customers and potential customers who visit the PRIMUS booth.

Due to the nature of trade shows, there is often time to receive in-depth input from customers on potential new products, product enhancements, and sales and service processes as well as how PRIMUS could improve its existing products and services. It is also worth noting that PRIMUS also receives numerous positive testimonials during trade shows.

The feedback from trade shows, in conjunction with the other methods discussed above, helps define the PRIMUS new product development and quality improvement plans.

PRIMUS Steam Sterilizer School Feedback

Hundreds of students have attended the PRIMUS Steam Sterilizer School in Great Bend, Kansas over the past two years. During the three-day school, students provide a wide range of product, process, service, and administrative improvement ideas. This feedback is documented and factored into PRIMUS improvement plans.

Informal Feedback

While perhaps not obvious to customers, pertinent customer feedback is also noted during routine incoming e-mails, inbound phone calls, customer visits, teleconferences, special surveys, etc. Many good improvement ideas have been generated simply by listening closely to customers during general conversations.

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