The following instruction explains how the PRIMUS factory attaches vertical door cables to the door. This same process should always be followed in the field if a cable is replaced. Failure to follow this procedure can result in premature cable failure.


When attaching the door cable to the door with the ¼-20 x ½ button head bolt, do not fully tighten the bolt as this may allow the door cable to rub the through hole on the door retaining angle. It could also cause abnormal flexing of the cable. Over time, this rubbing or abnormal flexing will wear and ultimately break the cable.

Back the bolt off ½ turn to allow the door cable to pivot. This will prevent the door cable from rubbing on the through hole on the door retaining angle.

Apply Loctite to the bolt before installation

Each door cable is rated for 920 pounds or a total of 1840 pounds. With normal professional care during operation, door cables will last for years. Historical data from the PRIMUS Customer Service Call Log supports this longevity.

See the drawing and photographs below for better visualization of the above procedure. ADD PHOTOS

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