While not a typical use of a double-door steam sterilizer, PRIMUS understands that some end-user customers use a double-door sterilizer as a single door.

This situation can occur over time as the needs of a facility change, the sterilizer is sold to another party, or the sterilizer is relocated to a different laboratory.

Potential Issues When Using a Double Door Sterilizer as a Single Door

This atypical usage is not a safety problem, but some issues can arise:

  • Shortens the life of the gasket from being constantly energized
  • Shortens the life of the gasket charge valve from being constantly energized

Precautionary Actions

If an end user needs to use a double door as a single door, the following actions should be taken:

  • If possible, change from a steam-to-gasket configuration to an air-to-gasket configuration
  • Inspect the gasket charge valve on a more frequent basis (at least monthly)
  • Open the “idle” door at least once per week to check for any debris accumulating on the gasket or in the gasket groove. Clean the gasket and groove, if needed

Horizontal Door Switches

On horizontal door sterilizers, make sure the door switches are set properly. Horizontal doors can move over time from non-use. This, in turn, can cause the gasket to blow out.

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