While rare, some problems have been encountered in the field where end users exceeded the designed operating weights of PRIMUS’ standard loading equipment.

To prevent these unnecessary issues from occurring, end users, dealers, and representatives must communicate to PRIMUS the expected operating weights with the sterilizer order. This will be a requirement on all future orders during the submittal process.

If the expected operating weights are too heavy for the standard loading equipment, PRIMUS can provide customers with “Heavy Duty” versions of the loading equipment.

Heavy Duty loading equipment costs more than standard loading equipment due to the added materials and labor associated with the design.

All PRIMUS loading equipment are empirically tested to derive the optimal and maximum weights. The operating weights provide good operator handling characteristics combined with minimum shelf deflection.

Standard Loading Equipment Weights (Examples)


Again, to ensure that end users are provided products that will serve their particular needs and circumstances, detailed communications upfront will be the key to success.

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