Do not use cleaners containing chlorides. Chlorides can attack stainless
steels via chloride stress corrosion and ultimately cause the vessel to fail.
The use of chlorides invalidates the pressure vessel warranty.


Inspect the interior surfaces of the chamber for deposits of scale. If scale is present, use a cleaner and descaler according to the directions on the container. While the rate of scale accumulation varies between facilities, PRIMUS recommends a regular schedule for descaling be adopted according to individual user requirements.

Remove and clean the shelving, transfer carts, and loading equipment. A mild cleaning solution is recommended. If stubborn stains remain, use detergent or a stainless steel cleaner. Be sure to rinse all components thoroughly.

Clean exterior stainless steel surfaces with the PRIMUS Stainless Steel Polish. One can was included in the original Care Package shipped with the sterilizer.

Additional cans can be ordered from PRIMUS using PRIMUS PN 80010.

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