IMPORTANT End users or service technicians should return parts to PRIMUS no later than 15 days after receiving the RMA.

IMPORTANT PRIMUS includes RMA documentation with each part shipment.

IMPORTANT PRIMUS is responsible for issuing an RMA and tracking it until final resolution.

What is PRIMUS’ RMA process?

RMA requests are processed quickly. Parts that are under warranty will be quickly resolved.

1. A vital element of the RMA process is ensuring that PRIMUS OEM supplier deficiencies are fully identified, root causes discovered, and corrective/preventive actions are implemented to eliminate future defects.

2. All parts returned to PRIMUS, via an RMA, will be inspected for customer-caused damage.

3. Component part(s) will be returned to the OEM supplier for evaluation and disposition if apparent damage is discovered. PRIMUS will disposition customer-damaged parts, and the customer will be informed of this fact.

4. No financial credit will be provided to a customer returning a part via an RMA until a final disposition is determined. A copy of an OEM supplier’s formal final disposition report will be provided to the customer to justify the acceptance or denial of financial credit for the returned part(s).

When customers request replacement parts from PRIMUS due to potential warrantable defect(s), PRIMUS will make every reasonable effort to respond as quickly as possible.

5. Prompt communication between the RMA requestor and PRIMUS will ensure the RMA is handled efficiently for all parties.

The OEM supplier determines a more rapid root cause and quicker financial credit for warrantable parts to the customer.

Why Returning Your Parts Quickly Matters

Parts need to be returned to PRIMUS immediately after experiencing a problem. When parts are not returned immediately, time passes delays the OEM analysis and customer credit.

Parts are not being returned at all. Please remember a part must be returned to PRIMUS to receive credit.

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