Cycle information from one cycle to another can be easily copied to significantly reduce the time needed to establish new cycles on the PSS9 controls platform.

The cycle parameters are saved as “CYCLE RECIPES” under the Allen-Bradley software. When a PSS9 leaves the factory, there are three cycle recipes saved as part of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

These three FAT cycles are saved under CYCLE RECIPES 1-3 as follows:

  • CYCLE RECIPE 1 – Hard Goods
  • CYCLE RECIPE 2 – Liquids
  • CYCLE RECIPE 3 – Wrapped Goods

There is a way to take advantage of these pre-existing cycles in order to avoid entering over 29 different parameter settings for a new cycle.

Copy Procedure

While there are no obvious “copy” and “paste” buttons on the PSS9 Cycle Parameters, the steps listed below show how to copy and paste cycles. Verify the PSS9 controls are On and operating normally.

  1. Switch the maintenance key into “Maintenance” mode. The maintenance key must be engaged so the sterilizer is in Maintenance mode and the Maintenance screen is showing (refer to Figure 1: Example Maintenance Screen).
  2. Log on using one of the IDs and passwords which provide access to the CYCLE PARAMETERS button (ID 1-13).

Figure 1 Example Maintenance Screen

  1. Select the “CYCLE PARAMETERS” button on the Maintenance screen. A new screen will be displayed showing two long buttons: “STANDARD CYCLE PARAMETERS” AND ‘GLOBAL & SPECIAL PARAMETERS” (refer to Figure 2 Example Cycle Parameters Screen).

Figure 2 Example Cycle Parameters Screen

  1. Select the “STANDARD CYCLE PARAMETERS” button to bring up the next screen. The screen will change to a new screen (refer to Figure 3 Example Standard Cycle Parameters Screen) with two list windows: PARAMETERS and CYCLE RECIPES.

Figure 3 Example Standard Cycle Parameters Screen

  1. Select a known cycle by selecting it in the right-hand “CYCLE RECIPES” list window. This will be the cycle to copy and edit to create a new cycle. If there is not already a green outline around the “CYCLE RECIPES” list window, then touch the “CYCLE RECIPES” list window to select it as the focus for the arrow keys located between the two list windows.
  2. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to place the cursor next to the desired cycle name to copy and then select the enter (BACK) button so that cycle is highlighted.
  3. Select the “LOAD PARAMETERS from recipe” button located directly below the “CYCLE RECIPES” list window which will then load the cycle parameter data into the left side “PARAMETERS” list window.
  4. Touch the “PARAMETERS” list window to make it the focus. A green box will appear outlining the list window.
  5. Using the Up and Down arrow keys, maneuver the cursor next to the parameter to change for this cycle. Select the parameter to edit by using the (BACK) key. A highlight bar will appear at the selected parameter.
  6. Select the ‘CHANGE PARAMETER” button to edit the value. A numeric keypad will appear to allow the entry of a new value for the parameter.
  7. Repeat the previous two steps for all the parameters needed to change for the new cycle.
  8. Select the “CYCLE RECIPES” window by touching it. A green box will appear around the window to show it is now on the active list. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to move the cursor to the new cycle where the data should be copied and select (BACK) again to highlight the new cycle.
  9. Select the “SAVE PARAMETERS to recipe” button to complete the process. The newly edited parameter list will be saved to that cycle number. A new cycle is now created and available for use.

Finish the process by selecting the “RETURN” button to return to the Maintenance window. Do not forget to use the “CYCLE NAME” function to appropriately name the new cycle. To make the new cycle accessible to operators, use the “VALID CYCLE” function to make the newly created and named cycle available for use.

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