PRIMUS knows that end-user customers’ facilities often contain a variety of steam sterilizers, both by brand and age, which have been acquired over the years.

It is estimated that thousands of older AMSCO and Castle steam sterilizers from the 1980s and early 1990s will become candidates for control upgrades in the next five years.

Instead of replacing a sterilizer whose control system has become outdated, it can make good economic sense to install a PRIMUS control kit.

PRIMUS Authorized Service Agents (ASAs) and end-user technicians have successfully upgraded hundreds of competitors’ steam sterilizers over the past several years.

Installation Parts and Training

A PRIMUS PSS500 or PSS8 Trinity control kit is relatively easy to install. PRIMUS provides complete kits containing all the parts necessary to complete the job.

Additionally, PRIMUS also schedules hands-on training classes twice per year where technicians can learn how to efficiently and effectively do the installation.

Why Install a Control Kit?

As stated above, for end-user customers, placing a new PRIMUS PSS500 or PSS8 Trinity control kit on a non-Healthcare steam sterilizer can make sense for many reasons, including:

  • Most pressure vessel chambers physically outlast their originally installed control system components
  • Control systems can become outdated years before sterilizer mechanical components reach the end of life
  • Some steam sterilizer manufacturers do not support their control systems after a number of years (planned obsolescence) causing parts to be no longer available or prohibitively expensive
  • A control kit upgrade is much less expensive than purchasing a new sterilizer
  • Many sterilizers cannot be easily and cost-effectively removed from their in situ location and replaced. In this situation, a control kit becomes the only viable controls upgrade option
  • Kits can provide additional sterilizer capability and functionality as an end user’s needs change and grow over the years
  • Kits reduce, avoid or eliminate facility disruption, equipment downtown, utility conversions/upgrades, building modifications, training requirements, etc.

Due to FDA regulations, PRIMUS is not authorized to provide control
kits for non-PRIMUS sterilizers used in Healthcare applications.


End users who may be interested in upgrading their control systems should contact their PRIMUS ASA or call PRIMUS Service (Tim Stanislav) at 402-344-4200 Ext. 1701 or Dave Schall at Ext. 1212.

An interactive Control Kit Order Form is available on the PRIMUS website at www.primus-sterilizer.com.

Have a question or having difficulties? Talk to Dave Schall, our PRIMUS sterilizer expert who is here to assist you anytime at 877.679.7800 extension 1212 or email at dschall@spire-is.com.

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