The Water-In-Drain sensor is an optional feature on a PRIMUS steam sterilizer.

The Water-In-Drain sensor is preset and thoroughly tested at the PRIMUS factory prior to shipment.

The procedure below is provided for those cases where the sensor has been improperly adjusted or must be replaced in the field due to damage or other malfunction.


Step 1: Turn the sterilizer ON

Step 2: Make sure the proximity sensor is set 1/8″ away from the sight glass. (See Photo A)

Step 3: Turn the proximity sensor’s adjustment screw clockwise slowly until the sensor lamp
illuminates (See Photo B)

Step 4: Once the sensor lamp is illuminated, turn the sensor adjustment screw counterclockwise slowly until the lamp turns off

Step 5: Pour water into the chamber drain until the sensor turns on. Turn the sensor’s adjustment screw about 1/8 to 1/4 turn counter-clockwise to accommodate the condensate

The sensor adjustment screw is very sensitive. Over turning or
fast turning will result in inaccurate adjustment settings

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