Kit Order Form

The Kit Order Forms for PSS5 and PSS8 Trinity controllers are on the PRIMUS website

The Kit Order Form is an Excel spreadsheet and is designed to be user-friendly. By putting a number in the left-hand column, it will calculate the list price for that item and automatically provide a total price at the end of the form.

Please be aware that a PSS5 kit cannot be used in Healthcare applications unless the sterilizer is used in a hospital/surgery center laboratory setting. There is a warning on the front page of the PSS5 Kit Order Form describing this restriction.

A PSS8 Trinity control kit can be used in a Healthcare application.

The first page of the Kit Order Form is very important for the customer to fill out to the best of his/her ability. It describes for PRIMUS the sterilizer on which the new controls will be used. It also lets PRIMUS know what options are needed for the kit.

Fulfilling the Kit Order – Process

The following describes the process once a Kit Order Form is sent to PRIMUS:

  • The Kit Order Form is reviewed for pricing and requested lead time. PRIMUS informs the customer that the design engineer providing the electrical prints will contact them with any questions.
  • The customer is notified of the final kit price. A purchase order is then received from the customer if he/she decides to continue with the project.
  • Once the PO is received from the customer, the copy of the Kit Order Form and the PO is sent to PRIMUS Sales to generate a kit sales order.
  • PRIMUS Sales assigns the sales order and it is then routed to PRIMUS Controls Engineering for assigning software serial numbers and Design Engineering for producing the drawings.
  • Once the drawings are completed, they are reviewed, and if approved, a work order is created and the kit is produced.
  • Following assembly, the kit is quality checked by Controls Engineering. When approved, the kit is boxed and shipped to the customer via UPS.
  • All documents pertaining to the kit order are compiled in both hard and soft versions of the PRIMUS Device History Record (DHR) for future reference.

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