Avoiding Ordering Errors

Occasionally, a customer will order a door gasket that does not fit their respective sterilizer due to confusion about which gasket part number is correct.

To help prevent these ordering errors, several months ago PRIMUS posted a Door Gasket Matrix on the PRIMUS website.

The matrix lists the correct gasket part number for each sterilizer size based on the sterilizer’s Job/Serial Number. The Job/Serial Number is needed as some gasket dimensions were changed over the years to improve overall gasket performance.

If a customer simply knows the sterilizer Job/Serial Number and the size of the unit (see the name plate data located on each sterilizer), ordering errors will be avoided.

The complete gasket matrix can be found by going to the PRIMUS website (www.spire-is.com) and then do the following:

Select Online Store -> Order Sterilizer Parts -> Part Categories -> Door Gaskets -> PRIMUS Gasket Matrix


Gasket SizePart Number
Serial number 16189 or Lower800056
Serial number 16190 or Higher800611
Serial number 16174 or Lower800057
Serial number 16175 or Higher800612
*Exception* Serial number 16123800612
Serial number 16090 or Lower800058
Serial number 16091 or Higher800584
*Exception* Serial number 16089800584

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