PRIMUS steam sterilizers manufactured before 2004 did not have the Drain Water Quench system installed. The system is available from PRIMUS as an aftermarket field retrofit.

PRIMUS steam sterilizers use cooling water to temper steam condensate discharge from the sterilizer to the laboratory drain.

Many older sterilizers discharge a continuous flow of tempering water to the drain, even when it is not needed. This can be prevented by retrofitting the sterilizer with a tempering water control kit (Drain
Water Quench).

The parts kit is available directly from PRIMUS (PN 230010).

The retrofit can be accomplished by a PRIMUS ASA or qualified in-house maintenance technician in
about two hours.

The EPA’s Sustainable Facilities Practices Branch developed a list of water management techniques that have proven helpful in managing water use at facilities throughout the nation. One of the major water savings techniques is Drain Water Quench.

How much water the Western Ecology Division Laboratory, Corvallis, Oregon saved
The Western Ecology Division Laboratory in Corvallis, Oregon, installed tempering water control valves on its sterilizer, which allows water to flow only when the sterilizers are operated. This saves approximately 1.5 million gallons of water and $7,500 annually.

How much water the Ecosystems Research Division Laboratory, Athens, Georgia saved
The Ecosystems Research Division Laboratory in Athens, Georgia replaced an older sterilizer unit with a new unit with efficient tempering water control. This upgrade saves an estimated 500,000 gallons per year.

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