Select the automatic vacuum leak test and the parameters

  • Select CYCLE 8
  • Push MENU
  • Set VAC ENDPOINT to 24 inches
  • Hit ENTER
  • Close the door and start the cycle
  • Pass/Fail status will show at the end of the printout

Note: Allowable leak rate is set in CAL MODE

The automatic vacuum leak test is used to test the integrity of the sterilizer chamber and piping by testing the leak rate of the sterilizer. The test is performed to assure that the sterilizer is capable of holding a vacuum with less than 1 mmHg loss of vacuum per minute over a twenty (20) minute period of time.

Note: In a closed vessel at 30 mmHg, the pressure changes by approximately 0.75 mmHg for each 10ºC change in temperature over the range of 20ºC to 140ºC (65ºF to 284ºF); at 50 mmHg, the change is approximately 1.5 mmHg. The test could be compromised if the temperature changes more than 10ºC during the period in which the chamber pressure is monitored.

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