Change the Purge Time to zero

Change the Vacuum Time to 15 minutes

Once the cycle has progressed into the third PreVac, remove the fuses from the steam to jacket and the steam to chamber relays

When the cycle progresses to the Heat Chamber phase, first remove the fuse from the drain relay and then remove the fuse from the vacuum system relay

After 20 minutes of the cycle being in Heat Chamber, it will go into steam to chamber retarded

Install all the fuses that were removed and advance the cycle

Compare the pressure at the point were the cycle went to Heat Chamber and the point where the cycle went into Alarm. See if there was any vacuum lost

If there was more than .7 inches lost, there is a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed

Possible Sources of Air Leaks

The leak could be from:

  • Check valve
  • Solenoid valve
  • Leaking gasket
  • Loose fitting in the plumbing

Once the leak has been found, fix the problem and re-run the vacuum leak test

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