Authorized Service Agent (ASA)

PRIMUS ASA Definition

A technician who has attended and satisfactorily completed the PRIMUS Steam Sterilizer School. This individual may be the principal or an employee of an independently owned service agency, an end user maintenance technician, or a PRIMUS employee.

Independent service agencies must also have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a current certification of liability insurance on file with PRIMUS.

Since its beginning, PRIMUS has encouraged owners of PRIMUS sterilizers to maintain those sterilizers through the use of PRIMUS Authorized Service Agents (ASA). This select group of service providers has been factory trained by PRIMUS to maintain PRIMUS sterilizers in accordance with our standards and recommendations.

PRIMUS ASAs form a very important core group in PRIMUS Customer Care and are considered by PRIMUS as one of our most valuable assets. PRIMUS ASAs are some of the most talented sterilizer service providers within their geographical region.

The PRIMUS Manufacturer’s Equipment Warranty (MEW) recognizes that if a PRIMUS sterilizer is maintained by a PRIMUS ASA, the pressure vessel warranty is 15 years. If the PRIMUS sterilizer is maintained by someone other than a PRIMUS ASA, the pressure vessel warranty decreases to 10 years. Since over 70% of the cost of a sterilizer is in the ASME code pressure vessel, PRIMUS recommends the sterilizers be serviced only by a PRIMUS ASA.

Unauthorized Product Modifications

PRIMUS does not authorize modifications to its designs unless those modifications have been approved by PRIMUS in writing.

Any modifications or upgrades to PRIMUS sterilizers are implemented either directly by PRIMUS service technicians or Authorized Service Agents.

Any changes recommended by PRIMUS have been tested and the results documented per FDA and ISO guidelines for safety, efficacy, and effectiveness.

Modifications to PRIMUS sterilizers made by unauthorized service providers will void the PRIMUS MEW and could expose the end user owner to potential liability claims.

Steam sterilizers are designed to kill pathogens safely, efficiently, and completely. Unauthorized changes to PRIMUS sterilizers may unintentionally alter the sterilizer’s ability to provide sterility and could potentially expose humans to physical harm.


PRIMUS end-user customers should exercise care and deliberation when determining who will provide their sterilizer service.

Sterilizer modifications should be avoided unless accomplished by or under the auspices of PRIMUS.

For questions concerning PRIMUS Authorized Service Agents or sterilizer modifications, please contact Dave Schall, PRIMUS Director of Sales, Service, and Aftermarket at 402-344-4200 Ext. 1212.

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