Installing the Paper

  1. The printer power must be on to replace the paper
  2. When the printer is out of paper the DTR/EOP LED will blink
  3. To open the printer, pull out on the printer bezel
  4. If there is paper left in the printer, pull the remaining paper through the printer
    mechanism in the forward direction
  5. Remove the empty roll and place the plastic supply spindle aside to reuse
  6. Insert the plastic spindle into the new roll of paper and orient it so the paper
    comes off the top of the roll
  7. Put the supply roll back in the supply roll bracket ensuring the paper rolls off the
    top of the roll
  8. Ensure the paper path is free and clear and that the paper roll moves freely
  9. Pull the paper down and loop it back up into the printer mechanism opening
  10. Press and hold the “Feed” button until paper comes through the front of the
  11. Remove any slack in the paper roll and push the printer closed
  12. When the Keltron printer runs out of paper it will automatically be placed offline
  13. Press the “SLCT” button and the printer will resume printing

Installing the Ribbon

  1. To replace the printer ribbon, pull the existing ribbon cartridge forward to remove it
  2. Insert the new cartridge with the paper under the ribbon. Turn the knob toward the
    arrow to tighten the ribbon
  3. Change the ribbon before it becomes worn out. Do not attempt to re-ink a spent
    ribbon cartridge!

Do not use the printer if the ribbon and paper are not properly installed as this can cause damage to the print head mechanism.

Always make sure to install the paper roll so that the paper comes from the top of the roll. If the paper roll is installed backward, the paper can bind on the printed circuit board causing a paper jam.

If for any reason the paper becomes jammed, immediately take the printer offline by pressing the “SLCT” button once and slowly pulling out the paper. Paper jams can damage the print mechanism which will require replacement.

Never pull the paper backward this will damage the print mechanism requiring replacement.

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