1. The printer power must be “On” to replace the paper
  2. When the printer is out of paper, the STATUS light will blink
  3. To open the printer, pull the clear plastic door down
  4. Move the lever that is on the lower left of the printer in the direction of the arrow
  5. Pull the printed roll of paper out (do not throw away the take-up reel with the paper!)
  6. Remove the take-up reel from the printed roll of paper and replace the reel back in the bottom of the printer
  7. Pull down on the paper compartment door
  8. Place a new roll of thermal paper in the compartment ensuring the paper feeds off the top
  9. Close the door
  10. Fold the tail of the new paper roll into a point and insert it into the slot of the
    take-up reel
  11. Press the feed button to ensure the paper is tracking properly and being rolled onto the take-up reel
  12. Close the clear plastic door

Do not use the printer if the paper is not properly installed
as this can cause damage to the print head mechanism.

If the paper is installed backward, it will not print on the
paper. The paper only has a thermal coating on one side.

Purchasing Paper

Cybertech paper is PRIMUS PN 800735 and can be ordered on the PRIMUS website or by calling (402) 344-4200 Ext. 1010.

Paper Change Diagram

This diagram is being placed on all new PRIMUS steam sterilizers with Cybertech printers. For sterilizers purchased before August 2012, the diagrams can be requested from your respective PRIMUS Authorized Service Agent (ASA) or directly from PRIMUS by calling PRIMUS Parts at (402) 344-4200 Ext. 1010.


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