Take a look at these points when troubleshooting Process Settings on a PRIMUS sterilizer.

The gasket pressure air regulator was set at 85 PSIG instead of the required 30 PSIG.

Found the chamber drain bleed valve only open ¼ turn instead of the normal two (2) full turns. This size sterilizer needed at least two turns open.

Depending on the size of the sterilizer, this could be anywhere from 1/4 turn to 2 turns or more open.

The vacuum pump vacuum breaker was set to open too soon and would not let the sterilizer pull vacuum below 4 PSIA.

The steam-to-chamber regulator was set between 45 and 50 PSIG instead of the required 35 PSIG.

The chamber trim valve was adjusted to be fully open instead of being adjusted to cause the sterilizer temperature to control in the required tighter band.

The gasket bleed needle valve was opened two full turns. This valve should be opened no more than a quarter turn.

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