General Care of Gaskets

Gaskets stored loosely at a normal ambient temperature range should be acceptable to use for 10+ years

Gaskets should never be stored under any tensile or compressive stress or the integrity of the gasket can be compromised

Spare gaskets should be kept clean and free of any lubricants or other chemicals

Sterilizers with Long Lag Time between Shipment and Start-up

In many cases, PRIMUS steam sterilizers in the field are stored for prolonged periods of time under tensile stress and adverse temperature conditions prior to actual installation and start-up. This is normally due to construction requirements (the building being built around the sterilizer(s) or due to pushouts from construction delays).

Because gaskets should never be stored under stress or exposed to cold temperatures for long periods, PRIMUS will no longer ship units with the gaskets installed in the groove unless there is a reasonable belief that the units will be started up soon after shipment.

In the case of a long lag time between shipment and start-up, PRIMUS will include the gaskets as part of the Care Package located in the chamber or sent separately depending on expected storage temperatures in the field. The ASA or end user will be required to install them when the units will be started up.

PRIMUS Pre-Shipment Testing

PRIMUS will measure the dimensions and test the durometer of all gaskets prior to shipment to the field. These records are maintained and available for review should gasket issues arise during operation.

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