In today’s economic environment, it is critical that facilities utilize their resources as efficiently as possible.

Steam sterilizers are extremely important in Laboratory, Healthcare, BioPharma, Animal Science, Water, and Waste Water Treatment facilities. Since the steam sterilizer vessel can last >30 years, it is important that the right long-term choices are made.

As a key part of a facility’s due diligence process, PRIMUS and its Dealers and Independent Sales Representatives can help end users answer in detail the questions posed below. With nearly 25 years of manufacturing experience and thousands of sterilizers operating successfully around the world, PRIMUS is well-positioned to offer guidance and support throughout the entire purchasing, installation, start-up, and operational processes.

New Facilities – Some Questions to Think About

What type of steam sterilizer will best utilize the facility space, provide functionality, offer needed special features, and provide the best return on investment?

Will the sterilizer selected support LEED (green) initiatives? (See DYK #184 for an overview of LEED)

Based upon total cycle time and throughput requirements, has enough space been allocated for the right size sterilizer?

Have the facility’s future growth plans been taken into account?

What is the estimated cost of ownership over the life cycle of the equipment?

  • Who will maintain the sterilizer?
  • Does the manufacturer provide detailed maintenance and repair training?
  • Are parts readily available? Will they still be available in 15 years?
  • What aftermarket services can the manufacturer provide to the end user?
  • Will the sterilizer manufacturer support the control system over the expected life of the unit?

Is a backup steam sterilizer needed to ensure the facility will not have any significant process interruptions? What additional capital and operating costs will be required for the backup sterilizer?

Upgrading/Renovating Existing Facilities

How will the old sterilizer(s) be extracted from the facility and the new unit(s) put in

  • Will interior and exterior wall removal/modification be required?
  • Will any cribbing and shoring of floors be required?
  • Will a rigging company be required to do the job safely and effectively?
  • What process disruptions will the facility undergo during the renovation/upgrade, if any?
  • Will utilities or other infrastructure items need to be upgraded to meet any new local or state code standards?
  • If replacing a large bulk sterilizer, would two or more smaller sterilizers placed in the same footprint be more useful and effective for future needs?

The PRIMUS Advantage

PRIMUS provides:

Flexibility in design. With numerous sterilizer sizes and scores of standard and optional features, PRIMUS can provide a steam sterilizer to fit virtually any need.

21 standard chamber cross-sections to ensure end users get the exact size needed. Additionally, PRIMUS can also provide special chamber sizes unique to a customer’s specific circumstances.

Both horizontal and vertical sliding door designs depend on sterilizer size. Many sterilizer features promote “Green Initiatives” including water conservation systems, heat loss reduction, and optimum cycle efficiency.

Full installation, start-up, operator training, and preventive maintenance services throughout North America and numerous foreign countries.

Strong aftermarket support including operator and maintenance training courses, a large spare parts inventory, factory service technicians to provide phone or on-site support, and weekly technical/troubleshooting bulletins.

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