The 26″ x 26″ series of PRIMUS steam sterilizers will pass through a 34″ clear opening with some minor fieldwork.

The 26″ wide x 26″ high PRIMUS chambers are available in depths of 39, 49, and 67 inches. A 26″ depth is also offered when limiting the overall depth of the sterilizer is critical. The KD (knockdown) width and height dimensions are the same for all models in the series.

Units are shipped assembled, ready for field disassembly and re-assembly of several sterilizer component parts.


The door weight counter-balance components (KD components) requiring attention include the weight box guides, the guide rods, and guide-rod top and bottom brackets.

The sterilizer is shipped with the sterilizer door blocked to secure the door in the closed position. The door counterweight is blocked and strapped to the frame. In this manner, the door cables and pulleys are not under tension.

Do not unblock either the door or the weight box until the KD components
have been removed, the sterilizer moved through the opening, set in place,
and the KD components have been reassembled.

In some instances, when the opening is minimal, it may also be necessary to loosen the top cable pulley brackets and move the projecting portion of the pulley parallel to the insulation cover. Re-adjust and tighten the brackets after the unit is set in place.

Installers will also have to unscrew the validation port(s) to fit the sterilizer through a 34″ opening.

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