Power Interruptions

Power interruptions or “glitches” can sometimes cause problems for Cybertech printers. These may surface as font changes, inverted printing, enlarged printing, or delayed printing wherein the printer prints status that happened several minutes prior.

These occur because the configuration information in the printer, which is stored in battery-backed RAM, has been corrupted. Fixing these problems is a matter of resetting the printer to its default configuration which can be done by a PRIMUS Authorized Service Technician (ASA) or qualified (PRIMUS trained) in-house maintenance technician in the field.

Resetting the Factory Configuration

  • STEP 1 – Remove power from the printer
    • This is done by switching off the breaker on the sterilizer control box.
  • STEP 2 – Remove the printer from its case
    • There are four screws to remove on the back to allow the printer to be removed (see Photo #1). Once removed, gently pull the printer assembly out of the case and set it on a non-conductive surface.
  • STEP 3 – Insert some non-conductive material between the battery terminal and the battery
    • The battery is round and silver (see Photo #2). Slide a thin piece of nonconductive material between the battery and the contact. A business card is shown in Photo #3 and Photo #4.
  • STEP 4 – Ground the battery terminal
    • Using a short wire, make a connection between the battery terminal and one of the printer board standoffs (see Photo #4).
  • STEP 5 – Remove non-conductive material, reassemble, and power on the printer

At this point, the printer should have reverted to its default configuration.

Some information that is printed on the Cybertech banner is also stored in
battery-backed RAM. Performing this procedure will set this data to unknown
values (see Photo A). This will not affect the printer’s operation.

Photo A

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3 & Photo 4

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