In a world where convenience and technology intersect seamlessly, LYNX has positioned itself as an industry leader in the animal sciences industry and has launched its e-commerce parts store. This move represents a significant stride for the organization and underscores LYNX’s commitment to providing customers with a full-service, hassle-free shopping experience.

User-Friendly Interface

The e-commerce platform boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring customers can effortlessly navigate the site’s extensive parts catalog of animal sciences washers, disinfectors, bed fillers, and conveying systems parts for LYNX products using the robust search functionality.

Convenient Ordering

“We created a straightforward way to buy parts at LYNX, ” says Director of Marketing for Spire Integrated Solutions, Joey Leffel.

“With a focus on accessibility and ease of use, LYNX’s online parts store allows users to browse, submit a purchase order, request a quote, and purchase the LYNX standard and custom animal care washing, disinfection, filling, and conveying systems parts that are needed to keep an animal science facility’s equipment up and running.”

This streamlined process is a testament to LYNX’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the efficient resolution of standard and custom animal care washing, disinfection, filling, and conveying systems problems.

LYNX’s Comprehensive Product Range

Understanding the diverse needs of its customer base, LYNX’s e-commerce store offers a comprehensive range of animal care washers, disinfectors, bed filling, and conveying systems parts. The platform caters to various makes and models of animal science washing/disinfecting equipment, from essential components like pumps and hoses to intricate electronic modules. This wide array of options ensures our customers can find the part required for their specific model without compromise.

Interactive Support

Customers can still engage with LYNX’s knowledgeable support staff through email or phone if they do not want to use the LYNX website to order products, submit purchase orders, or request a quote.

LYNX’s new e-commerce parts store is not merely a platform for transactions; it’s a testament to the company’s dedication to keeping up with the times by using technology to make customer’s lives easier.


Founded in 2001, LYNX Product Group serves the Life Sciences industries with the design, development, and manufacture of both standard and custom animal care washers, disinfectors, filling, and conveying systems. LYNX is a brand of Spire Integrated Solutions, a Chalmers Group of Companies.









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