In-house manufacturing capabilities allows PRIMUS to build and install Modular Wall Systems for the PRIMUS sterilizer.

PRIMUS retooled its machine shop in Great Bend, Kansas to be able to offer Modular Wall Systems to the life science and healthcare industries. This significant investment provides our customers the highest quality products with industry leading lead times.

Technical Overview
This manufacturing capability can be used with our steam sterilizers as fascia or enclosures, but we are also expanding this offering to include general purpose Modular Wall applications. Most Laboratory and some Healthcare applications use Modular Wall systems to allow future flexibility in space configuration.

The PRIMUS Modular Wall System, which soon will be detailed in Marketing and
Product Specifications, offers the following features:

1) The modular wall system consists of standard U-channels that are attached to the walls, floor, and ceiling. Panels are mounted and secured into the U channels.

2) Panels will be put in on site into the top “U” channel at an angle and then set down on the lower “U” channel. The 1st panel will slide into either the left or right side “U” channels when starting the wall system. Subsequent panels will be mounted side by side.

3) Panels will fit side by side with a removable locking system behind the modular wall system to provide rigidity.

4) Panels will be 16 gauge #4 brushed vertical grain 304 stainless steel in standard widths.

5) “U” channels shipped in standard lengths allow the installer to cut to fit onsite.

6) Installation can be performed easily by either our Authorized Service Agents or local sheet metal contractors based on end user contract requirements.

7) PRIMUS will supply service access doors and additional customization as required for the jobsite specifications.

8) Standard PRIMUS 1 year warranty will apply.

9) PRIMUS will detail the Modular Wall Systems in standard approval drawings utilizing our Engineering Design Department.

10)Single point supplier responsibility for both the steam sterilizer and modular walls.

The Modular Wall introduction is an effort by PRIMUS to broaden and strengthen our product offering. It is a complimentary product to our strong line of steam sterilizers and offers customers the added benefit of “one stop shopping”.

Modular wall products represent a large capital investment by PRIMUS which reinforces the company’s continued commitment to Quality and Excellence.

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