A PM should be done at least once a quarter (know the number of cycles). It is best to schedule the PM so that the sterilizer is off and cool.

Tools & Test Equipment
Should have required hand tools and test equipment including:
• Multi-meter

• Amp meter

• Heat well

• Lag thermometer

• Test gauges

• Cell phone

• Laptop

• Wireless connection to the Internet

Should always have routine parts on hand to avoid costly repeat visits, travel time, and expedited
shipping costs.

Repeat visits should be avoided at all costs as they cause unnecessary end user dissatisfaction.

Maintain a list of all major parts on each sterilizer under contract. Printout a two year service record on the affected machine(s) to observe trends and check on prior problem areas.

Upon Arrival
If a PM is being done in conjunction with a corrective maintenance call, the first question from the customer is always “What is wrong with it?”. It’s best to say ,“I don’t know, but I will find out.”.
Do not give a hasty response. You might be incorrect. Then the customer will lose confidence
in your abilities.

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