PRIMUS Sterilizer, announces new responsibilities within Spire Integrated Solutions’ Great Bend, Kansas plant.

Eric Blazek
We are pleased to share a momentous occasion in the career of one of our dedicated team members, Eric Blazek. After an impressive 20 years of unwavering commitment to Primus, Eric has earned a well-deserved promotion to the role of Plant Manager.

This achievement is a testament to his wealth of experience and contributions to our organization.

Since joining Primus as a Draftsman in 2012 and subsequently serving as a Designer and Production Manager, Eric has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of our manufacturing endeavors. With an impressive 30-year background in manufacturing, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership, and a profound understanding of our industry to his new position.

As our new Plant Manager, Eric will streamline:
– plant workflows
– ensure operational efficiencies
– improve quality
– meet customer delivery schedules
– manage costs
– foster a positive work environment

We are confident that his strategic vision and collaborative approach will lead to even greater success for our team of dedicated individuals.

Chad Huhn
PRIMUS is pleased to announce that Chad Huhn will be transitioning into the role of Sterilization Product Manager.

In this new role, Chad will focus on:
– developing new vendors for major material items
– negotiating favorable prices and terms and standardizing common parts
– enhancing product quality

Chad’s skills will significantly contribute to product cost and process improvements, elevating the overall quality of our offerings.

Jose Enriquez
Jose will assume the crucial role of Production Supervisor, working closely with Eric to streamline our processes.

Merry Sanko
Merry will lead our procurement efforts, a strategic and critical area for our operations.

Michelle VonFeldt
In addition to her current responsibilities, Michelle will now take charge of health and safety.

Heather Ward
Heather will coordinate the entire parts operation.

Mike Detter
An experienced PRIMUS team member will lead sterilizer testing and shipping functions.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Eric on this well-deserved promotion. Additionally, thank you to Chad, Mike, Jose, Merry, Michelle, and Heather for assuming critical and strategic responsibilities. We are confident their collective efforts will usher in a new era of success for Primus Manufacturing.

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