A healthcare sterilizer size to fit your hospital and surgery center’s autoclave requirements.

The PRIMUS Healthcare Sterilizer PSS11 HA, HB and HC is designed for use in hospitals, central sterile, and surgery centers. Provides efficient steam sterilization of non-porous, heat, and moisture-stable materials.

Our environmentally friendly steam sterilizer is designed for central sterile processing departments and surgery centers.

What are the sizes of each of the healthcare sterilizers?

  • Model HA – 20″x20″x38″
  • Model HB – 26″x30″x29″
  • Model HC – 26″x30″x41″

The PRIMUS PSS11 Series offers three sizes of autoclaves (HA, HB, HC) to meet the diverse needs of hospitals, clinics, and surgical centers. These advanced sterilizers provide efficient and reliable steam sterilization for a wide range of medical devices and instrument sets weighing up to 25 pounds each.

Each PSS11 model features a robust, fully jacketed 316L stainless steel chamber with PRIMUS’s innovative PRI-Mirror™ finish. This unique design ensures uniform heat and pressure distribution throughout the sterilization cycle, eliminating condensation and guaranteeing thorough sterilization.

Whether you’re sterilizing surgical instruments, dental tools, or laboratory equipment, the PRIMUS PSS11 Series delivers the performance, capacity, and reliability you need to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and patient safety.

This healthcare sterilizer series are configured with:

  • pre-vacuum
  • gravity
  • Steam Flush Pressure Pulse (SFPP) testing cycle managed by the unit’s onboard operator-interface control panel

Additional Features

  • Lift-Off Cabinet Panels allow convenient access to sterilizer piping and control system.
  • Software Calibration is provided for all temperature and pressure inputs.
  • Cycle Data Records are recorded on the printer tape and saved to an SD card (provided).
  • Automatic Steam Shutoff to Jacket provided for liquid cycles for efficient exhaust and cooling.
  • Insulated with one-inch thick, asbestos-free, and chloride-free fiberglass, sealed in an aluminum
    outer cover.
  • Stainless Steel Piping to Chamber components is constructed of 300 series stainless steel.

Safety Features

  • Pressure relief valve
  • Door and gasket safety switch
  • Emergency stop button
  • PRI Mirror Finish™ the smoothest, most durable surface in the industry
  • Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) are standard for sterilizer temperature control
  • Ease of service

Download the PSS11 HA Sheet

Download the PSS11 HB Sheet

Download PSS11 HC Sheet

Have Questions?

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