PRIMUS has been working with Nason to implement improvements to the pressure and temperature switches that will help eliminate premature field failures in high-humidity or wet environments.
These improvements were driven by an analysis of the PRIMUS Customer Service Call Log (CSCL) and were an outcome of the recent Nason supplier review.


The specific improvements are as follows:

  1. Nason upgraded the switches to an “Environmentally Sealed” snap-action switch which eliminates the possibility of moisture contamination of contacts even in the event moisture penetrates the switch housing. Moisture contamination was the major root cause of field switch failures over the past few years. This fact was discovered through the PRIMUS RMA and Supplier Corrective Action Report (SCAR) process where all parts that fail in the field during the warranty period are returned to the OEM for root cause failure analysis and corrective action.
  2. The 5 amps snap-action switch now has gold-plated contacts that allow it to function when the current flow through the switch is <100ma as well as up to 5 amps.
  3. The switch label now shows which terminals are used for the wiring. The label was also revised to reflect PRIMUS artwork and part numbering to provide easier identification and parts ordering.

These changes were made in April 2012 and rolled out to the field starting in May for both new sterilizers and spare parts orders.

About Nason

After more than sixty years of producing quality electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components for use in military, industrial, medical, food service, and entertainment applications, Nason is an established industry leader in efficiency, flexibility, and customer service.

Located in Upstate South Carolina, Nason’s 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is staffed with experienced design engineers and customer service representatives. Nason requires no minimum orders, so even the smallest design challenge is welcomed by the company. State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment gives Nason the flexibility to react quickly to customer requests. Nason also maintains an extensive component inventory which helps ensure rapid assembly, meaning products are often shipped within 24 hours.

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