PRIMUS’ loading equipment and shelving options are constructed of durable stainless steel.

PRIMUS manufactures a full-line of Loading Equipment and Shelving for use with all of its sterilizers. Please see the matrix below of equipment currently available in the “old” and “new” styles.

The “new” style design is very similar to an oven rack and helps eliminate issues associated with snagging of surgical packs used in numerous clinical applications.

Small Sterilizer Applications

In small PRIMUS sterilizers, the company offers both internal shelving and loading equipment. This allows the end user to decide which option is appropriate for the use and available space that the small sterilizer in located within.

Typically, most small sterilizers are supplied with internal shelving which is available in either a fixed bottom shelf (standard) or extendable bottom shelf (option) and additional extendable adjustable shelves.

Small and Medium Sterilizer Applications

PRIMUS also offers a Loading Cart and Transfer Carriage option for all small vertical door and medium horizontal door sterilizers.

In the Loading Cart/Transfer Carriage system, the sterilizer operator would load material to be sterilized on the Loading Cart which would then be wheeled over to the sterilizer on the Transfer Carriage. The Transfer Carriage is then aligned with the sterilizer chamber with the door open and locks on the Transfer Carriage wheels are applied. The Loading Cart is then unlocked from the Transfer Carriage and pushed into the sterilizer chamber.

Once the Loading Cart has been securely placed within the sterilizer chamber, the Transfer Carriage is pulled back and the sterilizer door is closed to begin the sterilization cycle. At the end of the sterilization cycle, the process is reversed unless the sterilizer is supplied in a double-door arrangement. If the sterilizer is equipped in a double door configuration, many times the Loading Cart will be removed from the opposite door. Thus most sterilizers equipped in a double-door configuration have at least one Loading Cart and two Transfer Carriages.

Large, Bulk Sterilizers

PRIMUS further offers a full line of Floor Carts for use with our pit-mounted bulk sterilizers. The advantage of a pit-mounted bulk sterilizer is that the sterilizer is installed into a pit and the interior sterilizer chamber floor is set level with the facility floor. In this arrangement, which is used in many Vivarium applications, materials are loaded directly on the Floor Cart which is wheeled to the sterilizer, and the entire Floor Cart is placed in the sterilizer.


All Primus Loading Equipment is fabricated from stainless steel and is electro-polished to provide many years of service.

NOTE PRIMUS equipment is not nickel or chrome plated!

Special Equipment

As an important note to this discussion, PRIMUS is fully capable of designing special loading equipment to fit specific customer requirements. This ability to provide special loading equipment differentiates PRIMUS from many of its competitors.

This capability further provides purchasers of PRIMUS sterilizers the ability to provide maximum utilization of the sterilizer which can decrease several fold the total number of sterilization cycles needed to meet facility requirements. This fact, of course, will significantly reduce facility operating costs.

If you have questions or specific requirements – please contact your Sales Associate to discuss.

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