Slash Water Usage in SterilizationPRIMUS Innovates with the PRI-Saver™ TRVPS

PRIMUS, always striving to bring “Green Technologies” to the field, developed the PRI-Saver™ Total Recirculation Vacuum Pump System (TRVPS) for medium and large steam sterilizers. Therefore, this system cuts water needed for vacuum pump operation by a whopping 90%! Additionally, savings can reach thousands of gallons per month, depending on sterilizer use.

What’s in the Package?

  • SIHI liquid ring vacuum pump
  • Motor
  • Separator
  • Heat exchanger
  • Accessories
  • Frame skid for easy installation

Order and Retrofit Options

The PRI-Saver TRVPS is available for all units with 2-15 HP vacuum pumps. You can even retrofit it to existing steam sterilizers in the field.

Chilled Water

Your facility needs a recirculated chilled water system for the TRVPS to work its magic. Furthermore, when you order a new steam sterilizer with the TRVPS package, we’ll plumb the sterilizer heat exchanger for chilled water.

How it Works

  • Service liquid entering the vacuum pump goes into the recirculation tank.
  • A separate heat exchanger (not part of the sterilizer) cools the service liquid from the tank.
  • The cooled service liquid goes back into the vacuum pump.

Water Savings Breakdown

  • Recirculated liquid: ~90% of total service liquid flow
  • Fresh makeup water: ~10%
  • Recirculation tank handles overflow discharge to the drain
  • You can also manually drain the system from the tank

System Components

  • SIHI liquid ring vacuum pump (2 – 15 HP) close-coupled to an energy-efficient, 3/60/ 460 volt motor
  • Suction line check valve, vacuum relief valve, and liquid-filled vacuum gauge with an isolation valve
  • Discharge separator tank with tubular gauge glass, vent, and overflow connections
  • Service liquid shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Piping and fittings
  • Fabricated structural steel skid

Ordering and Support

To order your PRI-Saver™ Water Conservation System online, by phone 877.679.7800 x1010, or email

Need help? Talk to Dave Schall, our PRIMUS sterilizer expert, anytime at 877.679.7800 x1212 or email at

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