PSS11 PRIMUS healthcare sterilizer from Spire Integrated Solutions with ST8 technology on board.

Our environmentally-friendly steam sterilizer is designed for central sterile processing departments and surgery centers.

The PRIMUS PSS-11 HC sterilizer size: 26″x30″41″

Indications for use: The PRIMUS Healthcare Sterilizer PSS11-HC is designed for use in hospitals, central sterile, and surgery centers. Provides efficient steam sterilization of non-porous, heat, and moisture-stable materials.

PRIMUS’s PSS11-HC Healthcare Sterilizer also offers high-performance, high-capacity steam sterilization for various instrument sets and medical devices up to 25 pounds each.

Features include our stainless steel, fully jacketed 316L chamber design (featuring PRIMUS’s brilliant PRI-Mirror™ chamber finish) ensuring even heat and pressure distribution, which eliminates condensation during each sterilization cycle.

Furthermore, our Healthcare Steam Sterilizer is configured with pre-vacuum, gravity, liquid, and a Steam Flush Pressure Pulse (SFPP) testing cycle managed by the unit’s onboard operator-interface control panel.

  • Lift-Off Cabinet Panels allow convenient access to sterilizer piping and control system.
  • Software Calibration is provided for all temperature and pressure inputs.
  • Cycle Data Records are recorded on the printer tape and saved to an SD card (provided).
  • Automatic Steam Shutoff to Jacket provided for liquid cycles for efficient exhaust and cooling.
  • Insulated with one-inch thick, asbestos-free, and chloride-free fiberglass, sealed in an aluminum
    outer cover.
  • Stainless Steel Piping to Chamber components is constructed of 300 series stainless steel.

Safety Features

  • Pressure relief valve
  • Interlock to prevent opening both doors at the same time (on double-door units)
  • Door and gasket safety switch
  • Emergency stop button
  • PRI Mirror Finish™ the smoothest, most durable surface in the industry.
  • Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) are standard for sterilizer temperature control.
  • Ease of service

PRI-Matic® 100 PLC Control System

Cutting-edge and configurable PLC control system

Industry-leading, non-proprietary components comprise the PRI-Matic® 100 PLC Control System on board the PRIMUS Healthcare Sterilizer from Spire Integrated Solutions.

All control configurations are performed on the touchscreen display.

  • (11) Preprogrammed, validated cycles
  • (19) Additional cycles are available for customization to meet the criteria of varying instruction for use.
  • Thermal printer
  • Unload-side control panel
  • SD card included
  • Battery-backed memory
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Step detail screen
  • User authorization levels
  • Real-time trend graph data

Cycle configurations:

  • User-access settings
  • User-friendly menu
  • Touchscreen sizes range from 5.7”- 12.1”
  • Alarms
  • Print intervals
  • Printout units
  • Security access code
  • Selectable cycle name
  • Temperature display
  • Time display and printout units


Optional vacuum source that saves water and energy

Why should you add the PRI-SAVER™ option?


Because the system decreases water consumption by up to 97% compared to a water ejector vacuum system.


  • Operates on only 110 volts.
  • Built into the sterilizer – doesn’t take up space in the service area.
  • Notably reduces condensation inside the chamber.
  • Reduces ambient noise compared to vacuum pump.
  • Minimizes cycle times.
  • Solves low inlet pressure, significantly improving the sterilizer’s performance.
  • Optional vacuum source that saves water and energy.

House Steam Electrical Connection and Utilities Consumption

Sterilizer Dimensions & Capacities

For more information

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