If straight tap water is used inside a PRIMUS Sterilizer at a surgery center, hospital, or animal laboratory, approximately 2.5″ inches of calcified minerals would eventually be poured out of the sterilizer’s boiler.

How has PRIMUS Sterilizer solved the problem of using yucky tap water?

Water quality is one of the most important factors in determining the overall sustained performance of a steam sterilizer. Poor water quality can lead to a needlessly shortened boiler life, excessive maintenance costs, and unnecessary downtime for the hospital or laboratory.

PRIMUS Sterilizer offers PRI-Pure™ which is designed and recommended for all PRIMUS Small Sterilizers with Integral Carbon Steel boilers. These boilers are typically operated from municipal water which is treated to remove biological organisms that are unsafe for human consumption. Municipal water is not typically treated to remove minerals and chlorides that can build up and harm a steam sterilizer boiler. PRI-Pure™, when used together with softened water, will significantly increase the life of the boiler and sterilizer by removing up to 99% of these damaging contaminants. This system ensures the longevity and efficiency of sterilizers, crucial for maintaining sterile environments in surgery centers, hospitals, and animal laboratories,

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spire integrated solutions primus sterilizer PRI Pure Reverse Osmosis System

The PRIMUS Pri-Pure Reverse Osmosis System solves the problem of mineral buildup and chlorides entering a PRIMUS sterilizer boiler.

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