PRIMUS utilizes several disposable filter elements to protect the sterilizer chamber load and critical components of the sterilizer controls.

Common Air-In Filter

PRIMUS supplies the most common filter element that is usually mounted on top of the sterilizer and is a nominal 0.3 micron (um) rated high-efficiency disposable filter element. 

After the successful sterilization cycle, the sterilizer’s 0.3um Air-In filter element protects the sterilized load when Air is re-introduced into the chamber. 

The filter’s primary function is to keep out dirt and dust from the sterilizer chamber, thereby enhancing the efficacy and effectiveness of the sterilizer. This filter is typically supplied in a double open-ended design (DOE) and mounted on the sterilizer with a PRIMUS unique tie rod and seal nut fixture.

Special BioPharma and Bio-Safety Filter

PRIMUS can supply a 0.2um absolute disposable filter element in BioPharma and Bio-Safety applications.

These filter elements are usually supplied in a stainless steel filter housing in a single open-ended (SOE) double “O ring design” to fit into sanitary plumbing systems.

Additionally, filter elements are sterilized in place and integrity tested to meet critical applications. Air In and Air Out applications of this filter style protect the load and the facility from potential biological contamination.

Steam, Water, and Compressed Air Filters

As required to protect the sterilizer valves and controls from lower-grade facility utilities, PRIMUS offers filters for steam, water, and compressed Air. 

Preventive Maintenance Recommendations

PRIMUS recommends that all standard 0.3um filter elements be checked on a 90-day preventive maintenance (PM) cycle and replaced at least yearly. 

Replace the 0.2um filter elements after 100 to 150 hours of steam exposure or as required from integrity test results. Check the other replaceable filter elements at every 90-day PM interval.

Replace these filters as needed to maintain a healthy running sterilizer.

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