As we face the COVID-19 Pandemic together, Spire is at your side providing educational resources, essential equipment, and vital services.  We are working determinedly to find solutions for the new challenges that face us each day. 

A few short weeks ago we did not know that N95 masks would need to be used constantly in the hospital.  Now they need to be reprocessed.  While working with our healthcare and research partners we were able to repurpose our warming cabinets to fill that need.  Our new Mobile Decontamination Cabinets maintain the appropriate temperature levels for disinfection and come with trays that include individual baskets to hold and identify the masks.  These new cabinets will be shipping to customers this month.

We are here and ready to innovate.  We welcome all requests for help and support.  Call us today if you need equipment, upgrade services, cleaning / disinfection products, or innovation assistance. 

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