Spire Integrated Solutions make PRIMUS steam sterilizer for hospital sterile processing department SPD

PRIMUS PSS11 Healthcare sterilizers are available in three sizes to accommodate the needs of your hospital or surgery center.

Avoid Uncertainty, Get Exactly What You Need

Instead of hoping your autoclave meets your needs, have one built specifically for them. Spire Integrated Solutions starts by working directly with you. Their team will discuss your sterilization requirements and any regional factors to determine the ideal model and configuration for your facility, tasks, and needs.

Crafted in the USA for Unmatched Performance

Once the perfect specifications are defined for your PRIMUS steam sterilizer, this American-made unit will be designed and handcrafted from the ground up.

High-Performance Sterilization Solutions for:

  • Sterile Processing Departments
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Surgery Centers

Maximize Throughput, Optimize Workflows

PRIMUS sterilizers are designed specifically for the demanding environments of healthcare facilities. Their optimal sizing ensures efficient processing of a wide range of instruments and equipment, maximizing throughput and minimizing wait times.

Comprehensive Features for Versatile Sterilization

Additionally, PRIMUS sterilizers come equipped with a full range of features to meet your specific sterilization needs. This ensures effective and reliable instrument and equipment sterilization, helping to maintain a sterile environment and patient safety. PRIMUS steam sterilizers include preprogrammed cycles as standard for the most demanding environments.

Major Benefits

  • Enhanced Workflows: Streamlined sterilization procedures.
  • Versatility: Wide range of features for various sterilization requirements.
  • Reliability: Consistent performance for optimal patient safety.
  • Increased Efficiency: Optimized size for faster processing times.
  • Smoothest, most durable 316 L stainless steel surface in the industry: stays sterile.


  • wrapped instrument packs
  • loose instruments
  • textile packs
  • liquids

PSS11 Sterilizer design

The pressure vessel is the core component of every sterilizer. PRIMUS offers a simple, straightforward design made of durable stainless steel and manufactured in our quality-controlled ASME facility in Great Bend, Kansas. constructed of solid stainless steel and fabricated in our quality-controlled ASME facility in Great Bend, Kansas.

PRIMUS’ unique design reduces high service costs

What’s more, the interior chamber surface is polished to a mirror finish of <10in. Ra. PRIMUS rectangular chambers eliminate the wasted space and high utility costs common of old-style cylindrical or elliptical chambers. PRIMUS’ unique design reduces high service costs associated with conventional hinged/radial arm doors. Most importantly, our door design provides an added margin for operator safety.

PSS-11 in 3 standard sizes

Features of a PRIMUS steam sterilizer

  • ST8:2008 clearance
  • Preprogrammed cycles optimized for performance
  • PRI-Saver™ water conservation system available to meet facility water usage demands
  • Color touch screen control panel
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Integral and stand-alone electric steam boilers
  • Recessed or cabinet mounting
  • Water conservation systems
  • Single and double door configurations
  • Vertical, horizontal and hinged doors
  • Pri-Mirror™ chamber and door finish

Benefits of a PRIMUS Steam Sterilizer

  • Low utility costs
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Simplified maintenance and service with non-proprietary parts
  • Optimized performance with preprogrammed cycles
  • Supports streamlined infection control procedures

Sterilizer shine does matter!

PRIMUS’ sterilizer surfaces are the smoothest, most
durable 316 L stainless steel surface in the industry.

Did you know that the sterilizer chamber surface finish of your steam sterilizer determines its corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning?

Additionally, sterile!

The PRI-Mirror chamber finish, standard in all PRIMUS models, establishes the pinnacle of surface finishes with a remarkable 10 Ra (0.026 microns) measurement

Plus, PRIMUS by Spire Integrated Solutions is the only healthcare steam sterilizer manufacturer that offers this PRI-Mirror feature standard.

Shine matters!

Contact us…let us help you.

Let our healthcare team help you select just the right size PRIMUS steam sterilizer. Click here to send an email.

Spire Integrated Solutions' PRIMUS steam sterilizer is the shiniest sterilizer on the market today.

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