Relying on our knowledge and vast experience working with architectural and engineering designers and lab planners, Spire Integrated Solutions is ready to help you develop the specifications and facility layouts for your high containment laboratory.

We fully understand the risks associated with maintaining containment of deadly pathogens, as well as the risks related to decontamination of pathogens and microorganisms prior to release to uncontained areas. Configuring the proper equipment and in the best location within the high containment environment is key to maximizing efficiencies and minimizing a breach in containment.

Let Spire assist in equipment planning; generate layouts using 3-D modeling, CAD, Solid Works, and BIM/Revit models; and resolve facility interference, cross-contamination, and egress issues to help you ensure you maintain containment.


  • Complete electrical and mechanical engineering team with Professional Engineer certifications
  • Experience in equipment planning and throughput analysis
  • Experience in leak testing and commissioning 


  • Experienced review of conceptual facility design while providing alternatives to improve process flow in maintaining containment
  • Optimized layout to ensure form, fit, and function of planned equipment
  • On-point advice from experienced team members who understand biocontainment terminology, risk assessments, and biocontainment design