PRIMUS fully understands the importance of biocontainment, and our team is knowledgeable about the design guidelines necessary to maintain containment in a biosafety environment. From BSL3 to BSL3Ag and BSL4 containment, PRIMUS addresses the risk assessment in the decontamination and sterilization processes to help you ensure your biohazardous materials are safely processed, while providing secure containment of classified laboratory environments. 

Our biocontainment sterilizer is specifically designed for all biocontainment environments, whether agricultural or animal based. The sterilizer is configured to capture and sterilize infectious pathogens, preventing the pathogen, either aerosolized or in liquid form, from being released to an uncontained space or to the public environment.


  • Color touch screen PLC systems
  • Local data logging
  • Biological sealing systems
  • Liquid and aerosolized effluent decontamination systems
  • Safety systems providing safe serviceability
  • Backup door sealing systems
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Floor and pit mounted configurations
  • Single and double door configurations
  • Vertical, horizontal, and hinged door configurations
  • Non-proprietary parts


  • Preprogrammed cycles along with selectable effluent decontamination processes
  • Interlocking doors for maintaining containment at all times
  • Remote diagnostics and data logging
  • Alarm-based systems for operator and service tech safety
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Decontamination systems for safe serviceability