Tesalys infectious waste sterilizers allow you to safely treat and dispose of sharps containers, red bag medical waste, and other biohazard hazardous waste by shredding and steam sterilizing. Rendering medical waste sharps and containers unrecognizable and reducing volume are requirements for specific biohazard landfill disposal. Tesalys provides these functions and processes efficiently and reliably.


  • Point of use treatment of infectious waste streams
  • Effective sterilization treatment of waste streams
  • Local data logging with multiple printout for DOT and records
  • Free-standing, self-contained processing sterilization system


  • Shreds and sterilizers in one chamber, eliminating risk of contamination
  • Eliminates transportation of untreated hazardous medical waste
  • Reduces volume of waste, reducing disposal costs
  • Helps in waste segregation in healthcare facilities, reducing disposal costs
  • Once successfully processed, waste is considered municipal waste

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