Avoid Uncertainty, Get Exactly What You Need

Instead of hoping your autoclave meets your needs, have one built specifically for them. Spire Integrated Solutions starts by working directly with you. Their team will discuss your sterilization requirements and any regional factors to determine the ideal model and configuration for your facility, tasks, and needs.

Crafted in the USA for Unmatched Performance

Once the perfect specifications are defined for your PRIMUS steam sterilizer, this American-made unit will be designed and handcrafted from the ground up.

PRIMUS steam sterilizers are designed for laboratory applications including media prep, and sterilization of glassware, instruments, and ancillary lab equipment, as well as laboratory waste. Our autoclaves are configured in a variety of sizes to maximize your throughput and are programmed for efficient cycle times. All PRIMUS sterilizers include preprogrammed cycles with the option for custom cycle development for those complex load configurations. Reliable and simple to operate, our sterilizers are also easy to maintain.


  • Color touch screen control panel
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Integral and stand-alone electric steam boilers
  • Recessed or cabinet mounting
  • Water conservation systems
  • Single and double door configurations
  • Vertical, horizontal, and hinged doors
  • Non-proprietary parts
  • Pri-Mirror™ chamber and door finish


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Simplified maintenance and service with non-proprietary parts
  • Optimized performance with preprogrammed cycles
  • Easily supports cycle validation