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That’s right! No need to be hassled by all the hurdles of buying equipment, Spire’s Washer Upgrade Technology significantly boosts your washer’s performance. Why buy new when you can update your existing equipment?

Bring back to life your make and model of animal care washing equipment with Spire Integrated Solutions’ Washer Upgrade Technology!

Can any washer make and model be upgraded by Spire Integrated Solutions?

Yes it can. Although there might be a situation where an upgrade is not advisable, a SPIRE team member can discuss your options at 877.679.7800 extension 2118. We would be happy to explain the SPIRE washer upgrade program.

What does a washer upgrade include?

  • Non-proprietary PLC
  • Full-color touch screen HMIs
  • Pre-wired control box
  • Cabling to HMIs, inputs, and outputs
  • Printer and data logging options
  • Plumbing options
  • One year warranty for included components

An Upgrade to your washer is beneficial because…

  • it extends the life of your equipment
  • it integrates with your current building management systems
  • it allows cycle flexibility and improves performance
  • it eliminates the costs of buying and installing new equipment
  • it saves you 90% vs. buying NEW
  • it will standardize the control platform on the washer and the sterilizer
  • it is the sustainable and “green” thing to do
  • it will reduce service calls
  • it a brand new brain for your washer

What’s the process of upgrading my washer?

  1. Your current equipment is assessed by a Spire Integrated Solutions-trained technician.
  2. If the equipment can be upgraded, a scope of work will be created and sent to you.
  3. We allow time for the submittal process.
  4. A Spire Integrated Solutions-trained technician will perform the upgrade.
  5. The new installed upgrade goes through its testing phase and your team is ready to be trained on:
    • The PLC
    • The touch screen
    • Pre-wired control box
    • Cabling to HMIs, inputs, and outputs
    • Printer and data logging options
    • Plumbing options
  6. The equipment is turnover to your facility.

Did you know?

Upgrading your equipment is typically budgeted from operations and not a capital purchase.

Upgrading is a significantly shorter project time over replacement.

Upgrading vs. replacing is user-friendly because the staff doesn’t have to learn a new way of doing tasks.

Upgrading makes maintaining and maintenance a lot easier.

Contact LYNX for more information

Interested in what it takes to upgrade your brand/model of laboratory washer? Contact Aaron Clark at 877.679.7800 extension 2118 to explain more about SPIRE’s washer upgrade program.