PRIMUS steam sterilizers are configured for the sterilization of animal care products, including animal caging, bedding, feed, water bottles, enrichment, waste and associated material handling equipment.  All PRIMUS Sterilizer chamber dimensions are sized for maximum capacity in order to meet or exceed vivarium thru put requirements and all sterilization applications. PRIMUS sterilizers are designed for simplicity in operation, reliability and service ability.


  • Color Touch Screen PLC Controls
  • Pre-Programmed Cycles for specific applications
  • Pri-Mirror Chamber and Door Finish
  • Single and Double Door Configurations
  • Floor or Pit Mounted
  • Utility Conservation Systems
  • Chambers Sized for Maximum Thruput


  • User Friendly Operation
  • Finished floor loading
  • Barrier Installations
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Local Data Logging
  • Reduced cost of ownership