Regardless of size or complexity, LYNX by Spire Integrated Solutions offers a comprehensive range of vacuum bedding systems and material handling solutions for the Vivarium.

LYNX’s vacuum bedding systems are easy to operate and maintain and provide maximum throughput capacity, ensuring that facility applications and requirements are met precisely.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and safe solution for transporting clean and dirty animal bedding to and from disposal, the LYNX brand of Bedding Systems is the way to go!

How to select a Vivarium vacuum bedding system – what’s right for you?

When choosing a vacuum bedding system for a vivarium, you can consider things like:

  • Reliability: Dust control systems are known for their reliability.
  • Ergonomics: Dust control systems can reduce heavy lifting and improve workflow ergonomics.
  • Dust separation: Some systems can capture dust during filling and emptying operations.
  • Substrate: Some substrates are easier to clean, more absorbent, or more fragrant than others.
  • Maintenance: Some systems require minimal maintenance.


  • The PLC control system is integrated with the bedding dispenser and dump station.
  • Multiple means of conveyance to move bedding material quickly.
  • Filter systems to remove bedding dust.
  • Clean out areas for maintenance.


  • USA Design, built, and customer support.
  • Complete, integrated systems for clean and dirty bedding distribution.
  • Distribution and storage of multiple bedding types.


Do you have questions about adding a vacuum bedding system to your vivarium? Email us at!