The list below states the basic PRIMUS requirements for quarterly preventative maintenance:

Make sure the door weight stops. Verify guide rod door weights are not broken.
Remove the door gasket, clean, and check for any cuts, nicks, or flat spots – replace the gasket if necessary.

If the unit has a horizontal door, check to see if it is adjusted properly (per the PRIMUS maintenance manual).

Clean the door tracks and beam
If the unit has a vertical door, check to see if it is still adjusted properly (per the PRIMUS maintenance manual).
If the sterilizer has an air-powered door, the regulator should be set at 30 PSIG or lower (depending on door size).
Open the gasket and drain needle valves fully to ensure they are not plugged.

All solenoid valves should be disassembled and the internal parts inspected – Steam valves (6 mo.) and water valves (annually).
Replace internals or the entire valve, if needed – Buerkert valve inserts need to be replaced if components are crushed.
All check valves should be replaced annually.
Pressure relief valves should be replaced annually.
Check all plumbing and valves for leaks.

Open all strainers. Check the screen for debris. Clean as required.

Calibrate the sterilizer (as necessary). Calibration should be performed at least once yearly.

Verify that temperature and pressure profiles are in agreement.

Inspect the boiler according to the manual.

Use temporary gauges to check pressures – turn on utilities and check the pressure of steam, water, and air (if applicable).
Steam regulator should be set at 35 – 40 PSIG.
Water pressure should be 50 – 80 PSIG.
Air-to-gasket regulator should be set to 30 PSIG.
Ensure the steam and feed water systems have been unaltered since last maintenance.
Check gauges in the front panels. Re-zero, if necessary.

Heat up the sterilizer jacket.
Place a lag thermometer in the chamber and run test cycles.
Return the needle valves to proper position.
Watch the pressure and temperature profiles to ensure they correspond with each other.
If they do not agree, you must troubleshoot and correct the root cause(s).
Watch the touch pad to make sure all LED lights and LCD segments are working.
Make sure the printer is working – replace printer ribbon if needed.
After unit is up and running and properly verified, clean service area, front fascia, and area around front of sterilizer.
Keep detailed records on all preventative maintenance performed.
Provide pertinent information to the end-user – including:

  • service call report
  • supplement
  • service call worksheet
  • PRIMUS warranty
  • “Did you know” articles (like this)
  • Verify that the sterilizer operator has your contact information.
    Encourage the user to contact you immediately if any problems or questions arise.
    The quicker issues can be resolved the better off the unit and end-user will be.

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